Demo-course-Financial Statement according to HGB Premium

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Demo course Financial statement (HGB) Premium

From bookkeeping to annual financial statements according to HGB

Are you already able to book business transactions and would you like to prepare an annual financial statement according to HGB? Then this course is the right choice for you. We will teach you which closing entries you need to make in order to correctly generate a balance sheet and a profit and loss account. We go through the seperate balance sheet items as well as expense and income items in accordance with §§ 266 and 275 HGB. The buzzwords "approach", "evaluation" and "reporting" and their effects on profit, equity and liquidity run through the entire course structure. We have devided the course into modules according to our proven concept, so that you can learn the knowledge on a topic-related basis. With this course, you can look forward to your exams with confidence.

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The case tasks are divided into modules. The solutions contain detailed explanations with background knowledge. The tests can be repeated as often as you like. After the test has been submitted, the results are evaluated as a percentage.
The practice cases are based on the level of the exams of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce as well as final exams at universities and were given by speakers with many years of experience created.

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Financial Statement (HGB) Premium

Your course content at a glance

Unit 1: Basics

  • Relationship between commercial and tax annual accounts

  • Components of a financial statement

  • Sources of profit/loss in the income statement

  • "Profit, equity and cash impact" of different business transactions

  • Nature of expense method/Function of expense method

  • Cash flow statement

  • Determination of acquisition and manufactoring costs

  • Scheduled depreciation

  • Generally accepted standards of accounting

  • Disintegration of legal and economic property

Unit 2: Intangible assets

  • Recognition, initial measurement, subsequent measurement

Unit 3: Property plant and equipment

  • Initial measurement and subsequent measurement

  • Scheduled depreciation and impairment loss

  • Reversing an impairment loss

  • Disclosure

Unit 4: Financial instruments

  • Initial measurement and subsequent measurement

  • Impairment loss

  • Reversing an impairment loss

  • Disclosure

Unit 5: Current assets  

  • Measurement of row material, operating supplies and auxiliaries

  • Cost formulas and measurement of finished and unfinished goods

  • Impairment loss

  • Measurement of receivables

Unit 6: Liabilities

  • Recognition and measurement of payables

  • Recognition and measurement of provisions

  • Discounting issue of provisions

Unit 7: Equity

  • Partnerships and Corporations: Detailed structure of equity

Unit 8: Special Accounting issues

  • Foreign Currency Transactions 

  • Prepaid expenses and taxes, in particular deferred tax assets and deferred tax liabilities

  • Deferred tax assets in relation with tax loss carryforward